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Book Reviews – Ratings Guide

Ratings Scale (Good, Great, Must Read, Life Changing, *Pass)

Here is why the rating system starts at “Good”

I am very fortunate to be part of a wonderful leadership and personal development program where very accomplished community leaders and business owners dedicate time and energy to sorting through the endless supply of literature to filter out the junk and select the best. In this process they have selected a top 50 book list as well as developed an ongoing book of the month program. I have also added to my reading list books from professors, business associates and personal mentors. Because of this I am lucky to have not read what I would consider a “bad” book since I left college. However as I continue my learning and reading journey if I do happen to read a “bad” book I will simply not give it a review because I am working on the principle in How to Win Friends & Influence People detailed as “don’t criticize.”  Instead I will look for some of the positive or good principles from the material and include them in a review with a grade of Pass, which means pass on reading this book unless you have a specific reason.

  1. Good – The book was well worth the read and it contributed to my life in a positive way.

  2. Great – The book was fundamental and introduced new ideas that altered my paradigms in some way

  3. Must Read – The book was paramount in my learning experience and has significantly impacted my life

  4. Life Changing – Quite frankly the way I see the world and interact with people is different now

  5. Pass – With all the good material out there, this book may not be worth the time.



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