Bringing Out The Best In People

  • Book Title: Bringing Out the Best in People
  • Author: Alan Loy McGinnis
  • Genre: Leadership Development
  • Sub-Topics: Management, Relationships
  • First Edition: January 1st, 1985
  • Published By: Augsburg Books
  • Book RatingMust Read

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Bringing Out the Best in People by Alan Loy McGinnis is one of those books that catches you by surprise.  What I mean by that is that it starts off slow but builds up to an intense and powerful conclusion.  On my first read through the book become more relevant and engaging as I read along, ending with two chapters that hit very close to home.

McGinnis covers twelve rules over 14 chapters as outlined below.

12 Rules for Bringing Out the Best in People

  1. Expect the best from people you lead
  2. Make a thorough study of the other person’s needs
  3. Establish high standards for excellence
  4. Create an environment where failure is not fatal
  5. If they are going anywhere near where you want to go, climb on the other people’s bandwagons
  6. Employ models to encourage success
  7. Recognize and applaud achievement
  8. Employ a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement
  9. Appeal sparingly to the competitive urge
  10. Place a premium on collaboration
  11. Build into the group an allowance for storms
  12. Take steps to keep your own motivation high

The whole tone of the book lends itself to leaders in the workplace but pulls from many diverse examples including some of McGinnis’s own work as a psychotherapist.

This is truly a leadership book through and through.  McGinnis covers the essential qualities of a leader towards the end of the book, as shown below.

To be a successful leader of people requires only two things:

  1. An astute knowledge of what makes people tick
  2. A spirit that spreads excitement and energy to other people

Top Quotes – Bringing Out the Best in People

“Most studies show that parents who run a tight ship and who are fairly strict produce the most secure children.  The kids may complain about the rules and they may rebel, but they will grow up happier, more ambitious, and better adjusted.”


“But leisure has little to do with one’s happiness.  To the contrary, I’ve found that the happiest people have found some cause and they stride through life propelled by a commitment.”    Read More About This


“Being in a group hardens your resolve, and gives you momentum for bursting through obstacles.”


“The trouble with choosing yes-men to work under you is that they, in turn, will never be capable of leading others.  Your aim is to grow leaders who can do your job for you, enabling you to rise to other things.”


“Independent people who regularly separate themselves from the crowds will often be the ones whom the crowd most wants to follow.”

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