Leaders are needed within the framework of Capitalism in order for Freedom to continue in today’s business markets. Today there are concepts emerging that include conscious capitalism, or an idea that the purpose of a company is to do more than just turn a profit.

Servant leadership is about serving others. Transformational leadership is about inspiring and motivating a group of people towards a common goal. The founding fathers of America spoke about providence or a person’s “greater calling.” What do these three elements have to do with Freedom and Capitalism?

These are the three concepts that need to be infused into today’s businesses in order for Free Markets to exist. Companies that have chosen only to focus on turning a profit have proven, in the information age, to lack the competitive advantage to prosper.

Companies the serve a higher purpose will have the staying power necessary given the leveling power of the internet. The right type of leadership is required to drive these types of companies. A servant leader that practices transformational leadership and sets an example by living a life of principles is required.