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In order to develop your leadership ability as well as your relationship skills, it is critical to engage in the ongoing study of the correct principles.  This includes immersing one’s self in the topics of personal and leadership development as well as researching success principles, people skills and other topics.

There are plenty of quality resources available today, but for every good source there is one or more charlatans looking to provide very little value for your money.  While there are plenty of great free resources, some of the most valuable information on leadership and personal development must be purchased.  This includes quality books, audios, videos, classes and seminars.

If you are serious about personal and leadership development, it is probably time to take the next step and invest some time and money into quality materials.  Before rushing into a program promising results for a low monthly fee, take some time to search the internet for various options.  Look for the best option that will suit your needs.  While some people may have the built in discipline to devote to a monthly program, others may want to invest the money for a weekend event or week-long intensive to kick things off.

If you have any questions regarding the best approach for your personal or leadership development feel free to reach out to us by contacting us or sending us a message on twitter.  In the meantime, here are a few quality blogs and websites that are updated regularly and a good place to start on your leadership development journey.

John Maxwell

Often regarded as the number one leadership guru and author of several best selling books, John Maxwell materials are a terrific place to start.  You can check out his website at or his leadership blog John Maxwell on Leadership.

Ken Blanchard

Top leadership and management author as well as developer of top training programs, Ken Blanchard is truly a world class leader and motivator.  Check out his website at

Stephen Covey

Author of the immensely popular and life changing The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey was a truly inspirational man who made a dramatic impact on the landscape of personal and leadership development. Visit

Tim Ferriss

Author, successful entrepreneur, angel investor and public speaker, Tim Ferriss provides a modern look on personal development and digital leadership.  This highly acclaimed, best selling and unique book The 4-Hour Work Week provides a road map for internet success through personal growth and business discipline.  Check out his book at

Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady

Founders of leadership development company Team and networking company LIFE, Woodward and Brady, former automotive engineers, provide a systemic approach to personal and leadership development.  Through a series of audios, recommended books, leadership seminars and other materials, Woodward and Brady have developed a leadership factory.  Their co-authored best selling book Launching a Leadership Revolution is a field manual for various levels of leadership.  Check out Orrin Woodward’s blog at and Chris Brady’s blog at

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