Personality Plus

  • Book Title: Personality Plus
  • Author: Florence Littauer
  • Genre: Personal Development
  • Sub-Topics: Relationships, Self-Help
  • First Edition: 1983
  • Published By: Revell Books
  • Book RatingLife Changing

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There are a lot of great personal development books to learn from and grow through reading.  There are however very few books that truly unlock secrets about yourself and the people around you.  These are the works that change our lives.  This is the material that gives us a unique perspective of our soul and the world at large.  When one of these texts comes along, it is a wonderful discovery that leaves us forever marked by it’s power.

Thus is the nature of Personality Plus by Florence Littauer.  Where this book succeeds, is in the simplicity of the scope and design.  It helps us unlock our own personality traits and shows us how to enhance our strengths and eliminate our weakness (or at the very least be aware of our tendencies).  It also provides us with a study guide for how to deal with people.  As the subtitle depicts it shows you…

“How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself…”

Summary of The Four Personality Types

The four temperaments theory actually dates back to the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates who used it in the practice of medicine.  There have been many additions and modifications to the theory over the years.  This includes shifting the theory into the realm modern psychology and additions such as the popular Myers-Briggs test.

Sanguine – Pleasure-seeking and Sociable

The Popular Sanguine is the life of the party.  People with this personality trait make friends easily.  They are the center of attention and love to entertain, tell stories and hang out with friends.  They are natural coaches and cheerleaders.  A Sanguine however can be flaky, flighty, late and undependable.  Sanguine dominant people are heavily motived by recognition and opportunities to associate with others.

Melancholy – Introverted and Thoughtful

The Perfect Melancholy is the deep thinker.  These are the artists, scientists and engineer types.  They deal with fact, figures and objective evidence.  They are strong technicians, logical people that are typically good with math and numbers.  A Melancholy can be cynical, negative and has a tendency to brood or be depressed easily.  People with a Melancholy dominance in their personality are motivated by clear goals and objectives.

Choleric – Ambitious and Leader-like

The Powerful Choleric is the natural born leader.  They assume control of the situation and take action.  A Choleric is a hard charger, type A, driven, hardworking fighter.  A Choleric can be brash, rude and run over anything in their path including other people.  They have a ready, fire, aim attitude that can lead to ineffective work if not checked.  Choleric personalities are motivated by a challenge.

Phlegmatic – Relaxed and Quiet

The Peaceful Phlegmatic is the even-keeled individual.  They get along with everyone and generally do not cause problems.  A Phlegmatic is a laidback, well balanced person who does not get stressed very easily.  They can be lazy, indecisive and stubborn.  The way to motive a Phlegmatic is through focusing on acceptance and approval, allowing them to come on their terms slowly walking them through the process.

Four TemperamentsFrom a simplicity standpoint  I like the way Littauer provides a simple 40 point assessment test upfront so that you can measure your personality traits unbiased to the text ahead.

  • You can find a pdf version of this here
  • Or an online interactive quiz here

The book also very clearly walks through each personality type and how to enhance the strengths and minimize the weakness.  This applies not only to the reader but also to the people in the reader’s life.

This is simply a must read, life changing book.  Everyone should read it.  Rather you own a business, coach a team or chair a non-profit, you will find the principles in this book will apply.

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Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself

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