• Book Title: Rascal: Making A Difference By Becoming An Original Character
  • Author: Chris Brady
  • Genre: Success
  • Sub-Topics: Personal Development
  • First Edition: September, 2010
  • Published By: Obstacles Press, Inc.
  • Book RatingGood

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Rascal by Chris Brady is a unique look at individuals throughout history that have stood away from the crowd, went against the grain and made a tremendous impact on the world.  The book encourages readers to become a “Rascal” in the sense of leading a unique purpose filled life.

This unique text is packed full of historical examples and an anecdotal writing style that communicates Brady’s message well.  Towards the end of the book is a supplemental test to measure an individual’s level of Rascalinity, along with a comprehensive suggested reading list.  The paperback version of the book includes an audio CD of a live speech Brady gave explaining the Rascal concept.

Rascal Chapter Summary

  1. The Type (Defining a Rascal) | Historical Example – Andre de Jongh
  2. The Strengths | Featured Rascal – Tank Man
  3. The Nemesis | Public Rascal – Mother Teresa
  4. The Battle | Example – John Wycliffe
  5. The Cause | Ed Freeman and Bruce Crandall
  6. The Test | Featured Rascal – Gerrold Mor
  7. The Manifesto

Rascal Review & Reflections

Brady has a unique “anecdotal” writing style that lends itself very well to this material.  The book has a similar layout and prose to that of Launching a Leadership Revolution which Brady also co-wrote.

This book is a good read and highly recommended for anyone who is starting their own business, a new project or treading into an unfamiliar zone in any field or endeavor.  The content of the book and supporting historical examples provide a compelling narrative for being original and stepping away from the herd.  The historical figures are presented in a nontraditional and unique way that adds weight to the words Brady uses to assert the idea of Rascalinity.

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Rascal: Making a Difference By Becoming an Original Character

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