12 Week Year

  • Book Title: The 12 Week Year
  • Author: Brian P. Moran, Michael Lennington
  • Genre: Productivity
  • Sub-Topics: Success
  • First Edition: January 1st, 2009
  • Published By: Strategic Breakthrough Press
  • Book RatingGood

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This book is short and sweet at only 60 pages; however the brevity serves to illustrate the primary concept of the material.  The idea with The 12 Week Year is to think in quarterly cycles and achieve a harmonious balance between strategic and tactical.

The first thing that Moran and Lennington do is implore the reader to discard annualized thinking.  They back this point up by giving examples of how it can hurt productivity.  People and organizations in general tend to put critical objectives off if they know they have all year to finish them.

The 12 Week Year discusses the periodization principle and shows how athletes use it to break through barriers and build better performance.  They show how this concept can be applied in business and our personal lives for more effective results. The book primarily deals with how to plan effectively, keep score and track accountability not only personally but across organizations and teams.

I pulled some unique concepts from this book and applied them with some principles I learned oddly enough in Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.  Check out the short video below where I discuss this.



The 12 Week Year is a great quick read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who owns a business, or is simply looking to be more effective in day to day life.

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The 12 Week Year

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