was founded on March 23, 2011 as a personal development journal for me (Christopher Vincent) and a tracking mechanism for my leadership journey.  Today it has become much more including book reviews, leadership discussions and articles on other topics within the scope of personal and business development.

The goal for the future is that Compound Leadership will be a prominent, well-known brand within the worldwide leadership community.  This will be a brand with the mission of bringing leadership education to the masses in new and unique ways through both modern and traditional methods.

Concept Beginnings & Definition

The Compound Leadership concept began its formation in the middle of 2009.  This was a time in my life when I was questioning my corporate career and looking for other ways of making it in life.  I had been exposed to a concept of leadership in the corporate culture of Honeywell Aerospace and knew that I was destined to lead in some capacity.

First, I began to look outside the corporate walls and learned about entrepreneurial and success concepts as well as different types of leadership.  It was at this moment I then understood that what I had learned at Honeywell was Organizational Leadership only a portion of the whole leadership picture.

I become aware of the different types of leadership including Functional, Transformational and Servant Leadership.  I dug into these concepts and began reading, watching and listening to materials surrounding the ideas of leadership and personal development.

From these beginning concepts the idea of compound leadership was born.  The basic premise is to “Inspire others to achieve results greater than those of your own.”   Develop the leader within by acting as such and fostering the development of others. Personify your finest traits upon others while absorbing the best from all whom you interact with.

Compound Leadership is the idea that as each leader develops, they in turn develop leaders in their own right. The thought process is, that leaders and leadership can multiple the same way as dollars do when compounded by interest.

The Importance of Compound Leadership

Most people will agree that leadership is lacking and a much needed resource today.  However while most people will agree this is true, most people will also assume that leadership is beyond their capability.  Many people believe leadership is something reserved for people at the top of organizations, rather they be businesses, governments, sports teams, churches or other establishments.

Some however, myself included, believe that great moments of leadership will be available to all of us at different moments in our lives.  It will be rather or not we choose to step into the leadership role or not that defines our influence.  Some will even argue that at some level we are always leading in our lives simply by the example we set for others.

I am still very much a humble student of leadership and look forward to progressing and getting better day in and day out.  This website includes some of my thoughts taken from material I have read by great leaders of yesterday and today combined with my own self-reflection and personal leadership experience.

I invite you to add your thoughts to this collective.  You can do this by commenting on this website, on the videos on YouTube, via Twitter or even by submitting your own article.  I look forward to gaining insights from your unique experience and perspective.